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Piek certificate
The Piek certificate is issued by the suppliers of the products and the body builders after a sound measurement shows that the guidelines have been met.

Piek-keur sticker
The Piek-Keur sticker is visible proof that the truck or other vehicle causes as little sound pollution as possible for local residents during loading and unloading. The sticker must be attached to the vehicle, visible to everyone. It is also proof for the inspection authorities (usually municipalities) that the vehicle meets the standards set in the Piek-Keur measurement protocol. In addition, the sticker has a positive effect on the image of road transport.

The sound measurements were carried out on a product provided by the manufacturer. Based on that testreport stichting Piek-Keur can give a type approval. The manufacturer must ensure that corresponding products are manufactured according to the same specifications. Users of silent products must have the products properly maintained and defects repaired in a timely manner.

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