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Environment and Planning Act again postponed, until January 1, 2024

tuesday, 28 February 2023

It was announced at the end of January that the implementation date of the Environment and Planning ... Read more »

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Piek-Keur certified products can be recognized by the Component certificate sticker. This sticker has a unique number. This makes registration possible. Products such as a tailboard, transport refrigeration, floor and roll container can only be certified if a noise measurement shows that the product meets the 60 dB (A) standard, for QuietTrucks the limit is 72 dB (A).

With the arrival of the Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet), the limit for certifying all products with the exception of the QuietTRUCK will be a maximum of 62 dB(A). This means that vehicle bodies can also be certified at a maximum of 62 dB(A).
For QuietTRUCK, a decision on the certification limit will be postponed until mid-2022.
The effective date for the new certification limit depends on the implementation date of the Environment Act.

To receive a Piek-Keur type-approval certificate Piek-Keur checks the measurement report. This measurement report is drawn up by an independent expert and if this is approved, the products will be type-approved. The product will be added in the register. The supplier of the product is now allowed to certify identical products with the Component certificate sticker.
Until the effective date of the new limit of 62 dB(A), it is already possible for products that have been tested in accordance with the Piek-Keur 'Measuring methods for peak noise during loading and unloading (update 2018)' and where the measurement result is more than 60 dB(A) but no more than 62 dB(A) a Piek-Keur type-approval certificate can be requested.

An application for a type-approval certificate can be send to Stichting Piek-Keur.

Measurement protocol
From 1 March 2019 the testreport for the Piek-Keur type approval certificates must be according the Piek-Keur Measurement methods for piek noise during loading and unloading (2018 update).

Validity period for type approval certificates
Type approval certificates issued by Piek-Keur until the end of 2018 do not have an expiry date. This means the type approval certificates may be used until the product is modified.

New type approval certificates
As of 1-1-2019, new type approval certificates will be valid for a period of 6 years. Type approval certificates will expire six years after issue and products that were certified can no longer be sold as Piek-Keur certified.
To avoid expiration of the type approval certificate, a new application and test report must be submitted in a timely manner.
Existing type approval certificates

Many type-approval certificates have been issued in the course of Piek-Keurís existence, the oldest corresponding test reports dating back to the beginning of this century. These type approval certificates do not expire on 1-1-2019. Type approval certificates that have already been issued fall under transitional arrangements. The table below explains these arrangements. The date of the test report is respected in determining when the type approval certificate was issued.

Update December 22, 2022:
The Piek-Keur Foundation has reassess the future of the foundation in 2021. Due to the review the transitional arrangements has been changed. 
In February 2022 it has been decided to re-adjust the validity of the oldest type approvals. From January 1, 2023, all type approvals of components issued before January 1, 2016 will expire. This gives companies sufficient time to recertify components whose validity shall expire. The end date of the validity of the type-approval of components, which is incorporated in a certified vehicle, does not affect the validity of that vehicle body. If a product is changed within the validity period, recertification is required.

Piek type approval certificates issued before                          Valid until 
                           01-01-2016                                                  01-04-2023
                           01-01-2017                                                  01-01-2024
                           01-01-2018                                                  01-01-2025
                           01-01-2019                                                  01-01-2026

To avoid expiration of the type approval certificate, a new application and test report must be submitted in a timely manner.

Products issued 
When the validity of a Piek-Keur type approval has expired, the product is no longer Piek-Keur certified and can therefore no longer be offered as such. Also, after the expiration date, the product will no longer be included in the Piek-Keur register and for that reason can no longer be used when certifying a vehicle (body) in a vehicle checklist.

If you have not yet applied for a new type approval, a type approval can be requested from the Piek-Keur foundation. This application must be accompanied by a test report.

Products and vehicles that have been certified on the basis of a type approval before the expiry date remain certified. 
This can be compared to the introduction of vehicle requirements such as the Euro 6 standard, where vehicles that do not comply to those requirements still keep their registration.