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Piek-Keur has introduced the QuietTRUCK certificate for quiet trucks with a maximum drive noise of 72dB(A).

Trucks where the propulsion noise (including acceleration and blow-off noise) does not exceed 72 dB(A) and have a Piek type approval may be provided with the QuietTRUCK sticker.

When certifying a QuietTRUCK according to the 'Measurement methods for piek noise during loading and unloading (update 2024)', the following limits apply:

Limit (dB(A))

QuietTRUCK - driveline 72
QuietTRUCK - (cabin) doors and compressed air noise 67*

QuietTRUCK - reversing alarm systems and blind spot warning system

*For doors produced by a body builder, the limit of 62 dB(A) applies.
This certificate therefore only applies to the drive part. The certified bodywork must meet the standard of 62 dB(A).


The QuietTRUCK certificate has been introduced because it is not yet possible to introduce 'quiet' trucks on the market. Formally, 72 dB(A) falls outside the legal standards, yet the noise level is a lot lower than traditional vehicles. In this way, Piek-Keur hopes to create more attention for drive noise.
With the coming into force of the Dutch Environmental Act since January 2024, drive noise has been legally set at 70 dB(A). The legal standard of 65 dB(A) applies to sounds other than drive noise.

More information about certifying a vehicle can be found at 'Certify product'.