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Environment and Planning Act again postponed, until January 1, 2024

tuesday, 28 February 2023

It was announced at the end of January that the implementation date of the Environment and Planning ... Read more »

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Stichting Piek-Keur is an initiative of BMWT and RAI Vereniging.

The members of the board are:
Mr. J. Hommes chairman (BMWT)
Mr. C. van Bergen Bravenboer (RAI Vereniging)

The secretariat of the Piek-Keur foundation is in the hands of the RAI Association.

Correspondence address:
RAI Vereniging attn. Piek-Keur
PO. Box 74800
1070 DM Amsterdam
Tel. +31 20-5044949
Fax + 31 20-6463857

Contact person for operational matters:
Roelof de Haan RAI Vereniging
(+31) 020-5044992