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Would you also like to participate?

You can register to participate in Piek-Keur by sending an email to info@piekkeur.nl. For more information, please contact Roelof de Haan (RAI Association, 020-5044949, info@piekkeur.nl).

What benefits do you have as a participant?

  • An additional means to convince the customer of the low-noise performance of your product. The silent product is clearly recognizable by the Piek sticker.
  • You can use the Piek-Keur logo (only for participants).
  • Improving the image of the industry by emphasizing the innovative character of the industry.
  • For the customer, a clear signal to municipalities and enforcement agencies that the product meets the set standards. 

What are the obligations for you?

  • You sign a cooperation agreement.
  • You conform to the certification scheme as drawn up by the Piek-Keur Foundation.
  • You actively approach your customers to promote the Piek-Keur.
  • You undertake to purchase and use stickers and checklists to make the silent product clearly recognizable.
  • You pay an annual contribution to Piek-Keur. The amount of this contribution (2024) is set at 295 for members of BMWT and RAI Association, other participants pay 495.