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Certify silent vehicles

Vehicle bodybuilders who participate in Piek-Keur are allowed to certify a vehicle.
With a checklist he checks if all components in the vehicle that can be used
during loading and unloading have the correct specifications and sound levels.
This includes components such as cooling, a tail lift, doors, walls and floor.
All components used must have a Piek type approval and are in the register.

Piek-Keur certificate
If the checklist shows that all components meet the standard, the bodybuilder may certify the vehicle with the Piek-Keur bodywork certificate sticker. Everything has demonstrably been done to ensure that the vehicle is quiet. The unique number on the sticker must be included in the checklist. This Body Certificate sticker and the checklist together form the Piek-Keur certificate for that vehicle. To make these quiet vehicles even more clearly recognizable, there is also a sticker in A3 size with the text ‘Ik ben stil bij laden en lossen’ what means in Englisch 'I am quiet when loading and unloading'.

Of course, vehicle maintenance is necessary to ensure that the component/vehicle remains silent. The working method of the driver/loader also has a major influence on the noise level during loading and unloading.