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Environment and Planning Act again postponed, until January 1, 2024

tuesday, 28 February 2023

It was announced at the end of January that the implementation date of the Environment and Planning ... Read more »

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New measurement protocol 1 March 2019

monday, 07 January 2019

In 2018, we worked hard on updating the measurement protocol. You have already received this information. The last version of the measurement protocol dated back to 2015 and in the intervening period, it seemed the protocol on components needed an update.

The input comes from PIEK-measurements taken in the field, for example, but also from the Piek-Keur Board of Experts. Piek-Keur is also looking forward to the QuitTrucks drive noise certification, and we see more stringent requirements in this area as well.

The update includes the following amendments:
- adjustment of the measurement requirements for drive noise
- clarification regarding the area where the measurement must be carried out
- description of product conformity

Effective date 1 March 2019
In order to obtain Piek-Keur type approval certificates for a product, a test report must be attached to the certificate application. As of 1 March 2019, the test report of newly submitted type approval certificate applications must comply with the methods of measurement set out in the 2018 update.
Certificates that have already been issued (vehicles with a PIEK-certificate already delivered to customers) won’t expire with the introduction of the updated Piek-Keur measurement methods, they do not need to be measured again. However, the new measurement protocol does introduce a period of validity for type approval certificates.

Download: Piek-Keur Measurement methods for piek noise during loading and unloading (2018 update)