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newsletter December 2022

thursday, 22 December 2022

The content of this newsletter is: - End date of validity of type-approval certificates extended until 31 March 2023 - Delay environmental law - Update measurement methods

End date of validity of type-approval certificates extended until 31 March 2023
On January 1st , 2023, the type approval certificates issued before January 1st , 2016 would expire.
Due to questions from participants about the possibility of obtaining an extension of the current validity, the board has decided to grant a one-time extension until March 31st , 2023 to type approval certificates issued before January 1st , 2016.

When the validity of a Piek-Keur type approval has expired, the product is no longer Piek-Keur certified and can therefore no longer be offered as such. Also, after the expiration date, the product will no longer be included in the Piek-Keur register and for that reason can no longer be used when certifying a vehicle (body) in a vehicle checklist.

If you have not yet applied for a new type approval, a type approval can be requested from the Piek-Keur foundation. This application must be accompanied by a test report.

Products and vehicles that have been certified on the basis of a type approval before the expiry date remain certified.

Delay environmental law
The initiation of the Environment and Planning Act, which describes the maximum noise levels for loading and unloading, among other things, has been postponed again by six months to July 1st, 2023.

Since October, the maximum limit for Piek-Keur certification has been 62 dB(A) for all products with the exception of the QuietTRUCK. Despite the fact that the initiation of the Environment and Planning Act has been postponed and the legal maximum noise level on the facade will therefore remain 60 dB(A) for the time being, Piek-Keur continues to allow the Piek-Keur certification limit at 62 dB(A).

Because the certification level of Piek-Keur is now higher than the legal standard, it is possible that loading and unloading cannot take place at all locations, partly for this reason.
We wrote about this in our previous update.

Update measurement methods
Recently, various proposals have been made for adjusting the Piek-Keur Measurement Methods for peak noise during loading and unloading (update 2018). These adjustments are based on experiences gained in the past period and in most cases concern a clarification of the current text. ACEA (the European umbrella organization of truck manufacturers) has also made proposals for the measurement methods for the QuietTruck.

These proposals were discussed in the meeting of the Board of Experts of Piek-Keur in the November meeting. The Board has given a positive advice on the proposals to the board.

The various proposals will now be processed in the measurement methods.

We will keep you informed when the adjusted measurement methods are ready and when this update must be used.